Mary Kay App

Mary Kay is more than cosmetics. The Mary Kay community is about women supporting women and the creation of a supportive network. This app strives to embody that mission to empower women.

The concept of this Mary Kay app is centered around a journey. This is a feature on the app that allows the users to track and share their individual journey with everyone they are connected to on the app.


Virginia is familiar with Mary Kay but associates the brand with the older generation. She is a conscious consumer and likes to know the companies she supports are giving back. While she values personal connection, she is frustrated with complicated order process for products.


millenial audience

extend sense of community

from in person to app

provide consistency

over app interface


Taking the user insights I collected, I began to explore different visual directions of key pages: home screen, products, connecting with an Independent Beauty Consultant (IBC), journey, and donations.


For the app, I developed a color palette to compliment the iconic Mary Kay pink and tested for accessibility in contrast levels. I also established a monochrome photography system, type standards, buttons, navigation, and visual elements to be repeated throughout the app.

User Map

This shows the interaction and journeys of the two primary users: the Client (customer) and Independent Beauty Consultant (Seller)


The opening screen of the app cycles through images of Mary Kay women to extend a sense of community and personal connection to the user. The line and dot represent journey and connectedness between Mary Kay users.


The Match feature brings the Mary Kay party experience to the app. Instead of an Independent Beauty Consultant picking out products for you based on your needs, the app asks you to fill out a brief questionnaire. From there, an individual list of products is produced based on your answers.


The most crucial feature is the shopping section. The user can easily peruse and add items to their “bag.”

Placing an Order

One of the most frustrating aspects about the current Mary Kay ordering system is that a client must be connected and interact with an Independent Beauty Consultant to place an order. My app would cut out the process of searching for an IBC and allow the user to be automatically paired. They are then able to opt into connecting with them directly, but it is not required.

Pledge and Journey

One of the key insights regarding millennial shoppers is the desire to be sure the companies that they support are giving back. The shopper is able to donate, and the IBC can make a pledge to give a small percentage of their sales to contribute to one of Mary Kay’s multiple foundations. This, along with major milestones in the Mark Kay community, would be recorded in the “My Journey” section.