Scribe App

The Scribe app is designed to assist in facilitating learning in the classroom for deaf and hard of hearing students. The traditional classroom setting does not accomodate hearing disabilites. The app has the ability to transcribe lectures in order to give these students more opportunities to create connections in the classrom. In addition, it acts as a support app by providing American Sign Language lessons and translation for the support system of the hearing impaired or deaf student.


Lewis must overcome obstacles in the classroom specific to being deaf that often prevent him from learning efficiently and comprehending new topics. He is looking for a tool to help him connect to material in the classroom and to his support system.

aid comprehension

of class discussions

50% English

indistinguishable by lipreading

equip support

with resources

Logo Development

To begin developing concepts for the logo, I created iterations that expressed the educational aspect of the app, ASL, and literal and symbolic representations of handwritten qualities.


The final logo for Scribe combines a hand drawn logotype with a feather, echoing traditional representation of scribes. Hand drawn navigation bar and elements are used throughout the app. The colors were tested for accessibility and contrast levels.

User Flows

User flows were created to begin establishing the key paths and pages for both the hard of hearing or deaf student and their support system.


Wireframes were developed as a visual guide to hierarchy, content on each page, and navigation.

Key Functions

The Scribe app has one common functionality between the hard of hearing or deaf student and support system: creating script.

Hard of Hearing or Deaf Student

During classes, the student would use the app to create script from dictation in a class. They are then able save the script into folders for specific topics and classes.


AR, in conjunction with the camera function on the support system’s phone, would allow for script to be created from translating American Sign Language.


To allow the support system to continue learning outside of live translation opportunities, there are lessons that teach more sign language words and phrases.


For more individualized learning, there is also a glossary feature where the user can search for specific words and phrases.

User Testing and Interview

To gain true insight on functionality and usability of the app concept, I interviewed an individual who is extremely hard of hearing and uses American Sign Language. Through this conversation, I was able to better understand potential challenges that would arise from actually building this app. For example, it would be difficult to create a solution for all levels of deafness. ASL is also extremely grammatically different from spoken English. With all of these new considerations, I am able to think through the app with a new perspective.