Vanish Restaurant Experience

The Vanish Restaurant Experience explores design combining the intricate details of the environment of the user to the bigger picture ideas such as the signage and wayfinding.

Vanish provides sophisticated dining experience through the union of technology and analog values that provide escape and reprieve for the senses for the user who is bombarded with a fast-paced city lifestyle. The restaurant is located below the street level to completely remove the user from the busy city.

The Escapist

Charlie’s day is hectic. He works for a large advertising agency, and he is always in a rush. The bustle of the city is something he has both learned to love and hate. He works with technology for at least 8 hours a day, and he has a growing need to separate his work life from his home life. This has included greatly cutting down on tech and over stimulation from chaotic city life after he leaves the office for the day.

The Homebody

Delaney loves trying out new restaurants enjoys dining from the comfort of her own home. She is very willing to try new foods and thrives on variety in her life. After work, she prefers to vanish from the city completely and requires time alone to recharge.

provide escape

from busy city

break traditional

dining experience

step away

from stress at work

Logo Sketches

While beginning the sketching process for developing the logo, I considered the diverse ways the action of “Vanishing” could be represented. This led to exploration into abstract and literal concepts along with typographic or purely based on imagery.

Environmental Sketches

Sketches of the key touchpoints and elements were created that would eventually begin to shape the direction and more granular details of the restaurant.

Logo Development

Following lots of sketches and brainstorming, I moved forward with 11 main logo concepts and refined them in the digital environment. I was working toward solution that would to be versatile, as to be represented on many touchpoints, and instantly recognizably vanishing visually.


The final logo features “Vanish” with a missing “I” and fading reflection and could be simplified for mono-color representation. Two secondary typefaces were included along with the logotype to provide contrast to the san-serif. A muted palette was chosen to express the calming environment within the restaurant and the red was chosen to compliment the blues. The colors were tested for accessibility and contrast levels for web.

elevation & floorplan

The underground restaurant is comprised of 3 main sections: market, carry out pick up, and dining. The dining area features smaller seating options and curtains between each to provide and intimate, secluded, and quiet experience.

Digital Experience

The app serves 3 main functions: ordering for takeout, ordering for delivery, and creating reservations for dining in.

Social Media Engagement

Because the restaurant is underground and does not have a storefront to immediately attract new customers, a social media strategy was created. This would include geofilters that would appear within a close proximity to the restaurant and social media accounts hosted by Vanish.

Outdoor Signage

To follow the motif of analog elements, the outdoor signage and wayfinding would be a rough painted sign.

Mood & Texture

The stairs to the restaurant level would begin to indicate the softer and warmer elements the user will be immersed in once at Vanish.


The physical menu has a die cut logo featured at the top to echo the concept of Vanishing to create a textural experience.

Dining Experience

Once in the dining section, the user is presented with professionally plated dishes, surrounded by curtains and warm lighting.

Brand Extension

As the user finishes their meal and exits the restaurant, they are able to bring a piece of the experience home with them through their takeout box and an assortment of brand products available at the market.

Fresh Choice Magazine

Fresh Choice is an editorial produced by Vanish that advocates a healthy lifestyle and diet while still enjoying sophisticated dishes.